90 ml HDPE Pill Bottle with 38 mm Aluminum Foil Seal Cap

Min. Order Quantity800 pcs
Quantity / Pallet---
Quantity / 20dc---
Quantity / 40hc---
Quantity / Truck---

Product Information


90 ml Plastic Round Pill Bottle with Aluminum Foil Seal Cap.

This plastic bottle is made from high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

This bottle is also known as a packer bottle or pharmapac bottle, which is designed for easy filling and dispensing of pills and capsules, and commonly used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

The cap of this bottle has an aluminum foil seal liner, which is providing a hermetic seal and protect the product from contamination, oxidation and moisture. By using an induction seal machine, you can easily and tightly seal the cap.

Alternatively Alterna offers a self-adhesive seal liner for the cap of this bottle. Self-adhesive seals do not require an induction sealer machine; simply apply the appropriate pressure and they will stay in place on the bottle until you are ready to remove them. They are perfect for sealing solid products, such as pills, capsules, vitamins etc., and work well with thick liquids like creams. However, they are not recommended for packaging liquids like oils. These seals keep dust out and help to keep your product fresh and sealed. They are convenient to use and provide excellent sealing performance.

Technical Specs

Volume90 ml
Weight – Bottle11 gr (+/- 5%)
Weight – Cap4 gr (+/- 5%)
Height – Bottle83 mm
Height – Bottle with Cap85 mm
Height – Label area55 mm
Length – Label area136 mm
Dia – Bottle44 mm
Dia – Neck35 mm
Dia – Cap38 mm
Cap TypeCap with aluminum foil seal liner
Raw Material - BottleHDPE
Raw Material - CapPP


Bottle - Package TypeCarton
Bottle - Package Size60 x 47 x 56 cm
Bottle - Quantity / Package800 pcs
Bottle - Pallet Size100 x 120 x 240 cm
Bottle - Quantity / Pallet12.800 pcs
Cap - Package TypeCarton
Cap - Package Size60 x 40 x 45 cm
Cap - Quantity / Package4.000 pcs
Cap - Pallet Size100 x 120 x 240 cm
Cap - Quantity / Pallet100.000 pcs


Min. Order Quantity800 pcs
Quantity / Pallet---
Quantity / 20dc---
Quantity / 40hc---
Quantity / Truck---